Unsuspecting sunday afternoon

31. října 2009 v 12:03 | ♫ Ricky ♫ |  Lyrics

How come I was the last to know?
Took the stage, then you stole the show
Another unsuspecting sunday afternoon
I was captured by that stare
Now I'm shattered, but I don't care
And the people walking by don't have a clue
That I kissed your face
Till the sun was in our eyes
Till the afternoon arrived
And I can't explain


Last night I saw the fireworks
The kind of pain that never hurts
The one you hate to love is made for you
Another unsuspecting Sunday afternoon

Monday is a funny thing
Still waiting for the phone to ring
Will my imagination take it slow? (oh yeah)
After Saturday, my life is changed
In a moment, it was rearranged
Strange how easy it is, letting go
And I miss your face
Like the sun was in my eyes
And now I'm running blind
And I can't explain

Repeat chorus

OOoh, aaahhh, ooooh, aaahhh

This sweet relief, unexpected things
Is this the end or only the beginning?
I miss your face
Like the sun was in my eyes
Like the afternoon
Now I'm running blind (running blind)
I can't explain
Repeat Chorus

Another unsuspecting Sunday afternoon

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