31. října 2009 v 11:45 | ♫ Ricky ♫ |  Lyrics

I know that
I can't believe
Just what the past has brought me
To the man I wanna be
I know that we have had some times
That we can't forget the struggle
Cause we have so far to go

I know we have changed but
Change can be so good
So let's not forget why
It's understood that

Time, look where we are and what we've been through
Time, sharing our dreams
Time, goes on and on everyday, baby
Time is what it is
Come what may (come what may)

I remember when, mom used to say
That things are getting better
And you'll soon be on your way
Remember those days
When we would sing at the drop of a dime (Oooh)
Way back when nothing mattered (Mmm, mm, mm)

I know we've changed, but
Change can be so good
Oh so let's not forget why it's understood that


So here we are (here we are)
And we'll always stay together
And through it all you know we owe it all to you, you, you , you
Time goes on, never stops, keeps on

Chorus (2x)

Time, goes on and on everyday
Time is what it is
Come what may (2x)

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