Helpless when she smiles

31. října 2009 v 11:59 | ♫ Ricky ♫ |  Lyrics

She keeps the secrets in her eyes
She wraps the truth inside her lies
Just when I can't take what she's done to me
She comes to me
And leads me back to paradise

She's so hard to hold
But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She danced away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles

Maybe I'd fight it if I could (maybe I'd fight it if I could)
It hurts so bad, but feels so good
She opens up just like a rose to me
When she's close to me
Anything she asked me to, I would

Out of control
But I can't let go

Repeat Chorus

When she looks at me (when she looks at me)
I get so weak

Repeat Chorus

Oooh when she smiles
When she smiles (she smiles)
When she smiles (2x)
Oooh when she smiles
When she smiles

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